Saturday Group Road Run

Saturday Group Road Run



Meeting Place: Aldershot Pool, 50 Fairwood Place, Burlington, Ontario

Type: Road.  There is a Trail option through the RBG that runners may choose, conditions permitting.

Announcements: 8:25 AM

Run Time: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Dates: Year-round

Distance: 5 km to 15 km / 3 miles to 10 miles

Pace: BRC welcomes runners of all abilities.  Depending on who shows up, the pace can be anywhere from comfortable to challenging, manageable right through to punishing.  With such a large and active member base, you are almost certain to find a partner to walk or run with.

Post Run: The Saturday Group Road Run is the primary club run. Change rooms and showers are available at the Aldershot Pool when you get back.

A social is had pretty much every weekend following the Saturday Group Road Run.  On weekends where there is no "Beer Run"/Club Social, runners, family and friends of the club meet at Williams Coffee Pub.   On weekends when there is a "Beer Run"/Club Social, runners and family will be hosted at a club member's home for a more relaxed outing.  "Beer Run"/Club Social Runs are subsidized by the club and therefore limited to Members

Comments: These events are organized by fellow runners.  You are free to follow their workout, or if you want to run your own session, you're free to do that as well.  

If you are interested in getting faster or just like pushing your limits, check out the Saturday Track Workout.