Saturday Track Workout

Saturday Track Workout



Meeting Place: Aldershot Pool, 50 Fairwood Place, Burlington, Ontario

Type: Track Drills or Hill Work, self-guided or tag along

Announcements: None

Run Time: 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM (a warm-up run of at least 5-10 min beforehand is usually recommended)

Dates: Mid Spring to Mid Fall, (+ earlier or longer depending on conditions)

Distance: Varies - can be tailored to experience and/or specific training

Pace:  Hard enough you want to quit - not so hard that you do.  Track workouts are entirely personal with neophytes running along side collegiate track athletes.

Post Run: The track work out is followed by the normally scheduled Saturday Group Road Run.  While some runners go the full distance, many of the track runners choose a shorter distance. Change rooms and showers are available at the Aldershot Pool when you finish.

Comments: These events are organized by fellow runners.  You are free to follow their workout, or if you want to run your own session, you're free to do that as well.  

Make sure you bring your own water and, if you are doing the Saturday Group Road Run, you may want to bring a change of clothes