The Burlington Runners Times
is a publication of the Burlington Runners Club.

Editor Russell Bilodeau 

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Publication Guidelines

  • To have race results published.
  • For submission of articles, poems, stories, cartoons, classifieds or other ads and so forth, mail them to the editor.
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The Times is published quarterly

Editors Choice Award winners (click on highlighted text for the complete story)

2008 - First Boston - By Pedro Fernandes

2007 - Memories of BRC - By Gillian Hewitt

2006 - Sunday, August 6, 2006 - By Ginny Megan

2003 - Baron Of The Bay - A tribute to the running life and times of Gord Dickson - By Bill Schnurr

2002 - Jeddah Marathon and Half, February 1, 2002, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - By Catherine White

2001 - You Don't Have To Be Smart To Be A Runner - By Mark Collis