Robbie Burns Road Race

Robbie Burns Road Race

40th Annual

Robbie Burns 8km Road Race

“Best Winter Running Event” - Get Out There Magazine


January 27, 2019

9:30 AM


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Specific Events

8km Race - Running

8km Race - Walking


Venue Specifics

Race headquarters is located on the main floor of Burlington's oldest high-school.  Racers and spectators can stay warm in the gym or cafeteria before being piped out to the start line.  Animals are NOT permitted in the building unless they are service animals.  The school has both change rooms and washrooms available for use before, during and after the event.


Best Costume Award

Did You Know that wearing a kilt would get you arrested?

Yes -- but that was in 1746! By decree of King George, Highland dress was outlawed by the passing of the Dress Act, with the intent of suppressing Highland culture. A first offence was a six-month in prison sentence; second offence was a seven-year exile to a work farm. The ban remained in effect for 35 years. Let's celebrate the lifting of the kilt (ban) in 1781. Come dressed in your best Scottish gear and you'll be eligible to win the "Best Costume" award and maybe even become a poster child for the race!



Race kit pick up

There are two ways to get your race kit: In advance at Neworld Cycle and TriShop or at Central School in the gym on race day starting at 7:30am. Schedule for Neworld is posted on the Race Roster site.


Day of Registration

You are strongly encouraged to register for this event in advance as this race sells out EARLY.  If you do decide to try and register on race day, please fill in a Registration Form and proceed directly to the table marked “Race Day Registration” where your registration will be processed.  Payment for race day transactions will be via CASH only.

Due to the success of this event, we can not guarantee that race day registration will be an option so please register early to avoid disappointment.


Parking / Transit

Burlington Central High School is located in a residential area just outside the heart of downtown Burlington so parking is tight.

There is some parking on site but it's limited and fills quickly.  Parking is available at the city parking complex and at various public lots in the area.  Unless directed to do so by a volunteer, please do not park in the nearby shopping plaza or in other private parking areas.  


The Burlington GO station is located 1.9 km from the school (~26 min walking).

The Burlington Transit Bus Depot is located about 1.0 km from the school (~12 min walking).

Racers are strongly encouraged to carpool to help ease parking congestion.


Amenities available on site

[X] Indoor Washrooms

[  ] Outdoor Washrooms

[X] Change Rooms

[  ] Showers

[  ] Massage

[  ] Chiropractor

[  ] Wheelchair Access

Gear Drop

Gear Drop is located at the back of the gym and is monitored at all times by Burlington Runners club members or Race Volunteers. If you have a bag, baggage check is mandatory.  Unchecked bags will be moved out of the Gym and Cafeteria as soon as the race starts.  Bags handed in will be tagged with your race number and you will need to show the Volunteer your bib in order to redeem your bag.   Bags which have been left in the gym will be moved immediately following the start of the race.  We promise to do our best to protect your gear but we assume no responsibility for lost or stolen bags.  You are strongly encouraged not to leave valuables in your bag.




Course safety procedures

This race is run on the city streets of Burlington and while the course is marked with pylons, racers are responsible for using good judgement and for looking out for themselves.  Marshals are stationed at all major intersections and entry ways but there are hundreds of unmonitored driveways along the route.

Runners are also strongly discouraged from wearing headphones or earbuds during this event.  Runners must be able to hear passing runners, course marshals and safety staff during the event and it's really hard to do this when you’re wearing headphones.  

Runners must, at all times, stay within the pyloned course.  Runners who run outside the course will be warned; if they continue to run outside the course they may be disqualified or asked to leave the race entirely.  This sounds harsh, and well, it is, but we do this because we share the roads with the cars, we don’t own the roads and when you’re off course you are outside the race's insurance coverage.


Course  Etiquette

First and foremost, we’re all here for fun and we all want to go home safely when we're done the event so that should guide every interaction you have and action you take while racing.  Second, the race is on open city streets so there should be plenty of room for everyone.  Runners are asked to run no more than 2 abreast to the right to ensure others can pass them if needed.  Passing runners are asked to call out their plans (“passing on the left”) politely.





Following the race, we’ll have the usual bananas, bagel and beverages but we are also pleased to provide what we believe is the best post-race treat ever -  hot tasty OATMEAL.  The food goes fast and we do our best to have plenty on hand but this stuff is hot and in demand, so don’t wait too long or you may miss out.


Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony, including presentation of the winners' plaques and gifts along with the distribution of door prizes will take place in the Auditorium located just outside the cafeteria.

Prizes which go unclaimed can be shipped to you following the race, but you’ll be responsible for postage. Sorry.  To have your prize shipped, contact the Race Director by email within 14 days of the race.  



Preliminary results will be posted in the gym as quickly as possible following the arrival of the first runner. Final results will be posted online following the end of the event.


Door Prizes

Thanks to our sponsors, we are pleased to offer a herd of door prizes during the Awards Ceremony.  You must be in the room when your number or name is called to win.


Advanced Registration is available online only.  


Day of Registration will be available provided there are place remaining.  We regret that we can not guarantee that there will be spots available on the day of the race.  All participants are strongly encouraged to register in advance. 




1990 - Gary Westgate - 23:11



2014 - Rachel Hannah - 26:38

1993 - Kathy Butler - 26:52



2013 - Manuel Teodoro - 54:03 (Canadian Masters 80+ Age Group - 8km)

2018 – Elizabeth Waywell  - 33:34 (Canadian Masters 60 Age Group - 8km) 



Here's the link to the results.  Thanks to Enfield Timing for your partnership.














Race Headquarters are located at Burlington Central High School, 1433 Baldwin St., Burlington, ON L7S 1K4.