Sulphur Springs Trail Race May 25 - 26, 2019 --- #runsulphur

 Registration for 2019 is now open.
Sulphur Springs Trail Race

Sulphur Springs is one of the best days of running you will experience.  The race starts at the Ancaster Community Centre and weaves its way through  the beautiful trails of the Dundas Valley.  The race offers events for everyone from the casual weekend warrior to the hard-core racer to the corporate team looking for a group challenge.  Behind the scenes, the host Burlington Runners come together to make sure that this weekend event is memorable for all.

For 2018, proceeds from the race will once again be donated to the Dundas Valley Conservation Area - Sulphur Springs for use in trail maintenance and marking.  BRC and the runners that uses (and love) the trails at Sulphur Springs appreciate the on-going partnership with the DVCA.


Specific Events

  • 100 mi Solo
  • 100 mi relay (max 8 person)
  • 50 mi
  • 50 km
  • 25 km
  • 10 km


Burlington Runners utilizes Race Roster to manage athlete registration and event management.

To register for this race please visit the registration page at:




NOTE: There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION option.  All racers must pre-register.


Race day details including bib number and participant lists are available on the registration site




Race Guide


All Distances Course Map



Course Directions


2011 to 2016 Course
100 Mile Men 2016 David Oskvig 15:33:34 Amherst 
100 Mile Women 2014 Laura Perry 17:49:54 Orleans
50 Mile Men 2013 Michael Daigeaun 6:07:00 Philadelphia
50 Mile Women 2015 Christina Clark 7:16:41 Guelph
50 K Men 2015 William Walsh 3:41:45 Toronto
50 K Women 2012 Christina Clark 3:59:46 Guelph
25K Men 2013 Cleve Thorson 1:32:30 Guelph
25K Women 2015 Jenny Bierworth 1:47:47 Bancroft
10K Men 2014 Mitch Free 34:35:00 St. George
10K Women 2014 Kaitlyn Lynch 41:20:00 Ancaster
100 Mile Relay   2013 11:24:43 Dundas
1991 to 2010 Course
100 Mile Men 2010 Harvey Lewis 17:12:37  Cincinnati
100 Mile Women 2007 Laurie McGrath 18:57:06  Baden
50 Mile Men 2005 Ryne Melcher 6:26:20  Kitchener
50 Mile Women 2009 Laurie McGrath 7:44:22  Baden
50K Men 1994 Andy Jones 3:16:50 *
50K Women 2008 Christina Clark 4:03:37  Guelph
25K Men 2010 Brendan Kenny 1:32:36  Dundas
25K Women 1996 Katie Dosser 1:36:34 *
10K Men 2010 Daniel Wojcik 33:56:00  Dundas
10K Women 2007 Karen Mackenzie 40:17:00 *
100 Mile Relay   2008 Are We There Yet 15:09:21 NA

Base camp for the Sulphur Springs Trail Race is located at the Ancaster Community Centre in Ancaster, Ontario.  Access to the community centre is limited during the weekend however there is ample parking available and we do our best to provide athletes and spectators with everything that they need to be comfortable.