Blue RibbonSeries

The BRC Blue Ribbon Series is an update on a traditional favourite of the club. The original Blue Ribbon Race happened once a year, in November. It was primarily a prediction race, where club members would show up, write down their predicted time for a version of the regular Saturday morning 8k route, take their watches off, and go for it. As well, any male running it in under 30 minutes, or female under 35 minutes, would be recognized at the annual awards dinner.

The Series is an expansion of that tradition. Points are awarded in a ranking system. First place, either closest to predicted time, or speed, (male and female categories) wins 25 points. Second place, 24 points, and so on. Points can be earned in all six events, or fewer. Each member's top four scores will be their final score. So, for instance, if someone wins four events, they win 25 points for each, for a total of 100 points. Top male and female at the end of the series wins a free race entry into a BRC race. It's fun, it's got some zing and variety to it, it isn't just the fastest runners, and it's a great way to meet other members. Coffee and snacks are provided at the end of each event. As the club grows, age groups made be necessary, but for now, this is who we are. The more the merrier, so come out and join the fun!