Community Support & Donations

Giving Back To The Community

Through our races, the Burlington Runners Club has been able to invest back into the club to develop our runners and to give back to the community. To date we have donated over $220,000 to various community programs and charities.

To Our Volunteers

We hope you all take pride in knowing that through your volunteerism, we are able to put on our races in support of BRC Runners Club and the organizations listed below. We thank you!

To Our Race Registrants

Through your continued support of the Burlington Runners Club races, your fees are being used to give back to our community and to support the activities of BRC Running Club. We hope you take pride in supporting these great causes.

Our Sponsors

To everyone, please take special notice of our sponsors the next time you attend one of our races. We hope you will give them some of your business as a thank you, for supporting our races. Without our sponsors, our races would not be viable.

$93,070 Proceeds from Sulphur Springs