Club Awards

The following is a list of the Burlington Runners Club awards that have been traditionally presented at the annual Dinner / Dance. A brief history and description of each award follows. As races stopped during COVID, the awards are on hold until we're able to have a substantial number of races in a year in order to have enough data to make informed decisions about who the recipients should be. We have a lot of amazing runners!

The Ron Pileski Performance Awards

Ron was a long time club member who, when he wasn’t straightening teeth, was out on the road perfecting his running. He was a terrific person and a great runner who kept meticulous running logs over the years and backed those up with many stellar running performances. He was a sub three hour man and it was during his pursuit of that goal that he was diagnosed with leukemia in the early 90’s. He died in his late forties as a result of complications from that disease.

The membership at the time dedicated a newsletter cover and story to him and preserved his memory in this award.

The Ron Pileski Award is to be awarded to the best performing male/female runners during the previous year.

Members are responsible for submitting their race results to Based on nominations from club members and race performance, the winners will be selected by a committee of three (3) club members chosen by the Board, . The wards will be awarded in the following categories:


  1. Best Performing Male/Female 18 years +

  2. Best Performing Male/Female 30 years +

  3. Best Performing Male/Female 40 years +

  4. Best Performing Male/Female 50 years +

Note: There is no duplication of awards, performance award winners cannot be STRAVA award winners or vice versa.

The Strava Awards

These awards were created to recognize the efforts our members put in day after day, week after week and month after month to keep up with their running goals. The awards will be given annually to the male/female runners based on the following criteria with :

  1. Most Total Distance.

  2. Most Total Elevation.

  3. Most total Runs.

  4. Fastest Average Pace.

Note: In order to be eligible for the award, the member must be registered on STRAVA

The Gord McCoomb Memorial Running Advocate Award

Gord McCoomb was one of the founding members of the Club who ran Boston in 1973 as one of the “Magnificent Seven”. He was a man who loved to run and who spread the word about the virtues and benefits of running by encouraging others to run, He was a passionate advocate of running and its benefits. From 1973 until his death from cancer in 1979, Gord McCoomb was a tireless worker for the running club and an active supporter of the Burlington Road Races.

In 1980, funds were raised to purchase a commemorative trophy honouring Gord McCoomb. This award is given to a member who had demonstrated leadership in promoting running either in the community, or in a larger context.

The Glen Martin Volunteer Award

Created to commemorate Glen Martin, a man considered to be an important and special member of the club. It is to be awarded to a club member who best exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism through their activities on behalf of the Club.

The Editor’s Choice Award

This award is given to the best newsletter submission over the past year, as judged by a committee of past newsletter editors. All submissions, whether photos, artwork or written material, are considered. Input from the club members is appreciated and all previous editors are invited to help in the selection process.

Recognizing Long Time BRC Serving Members or Special Achievements

The Board reserves the right to give a special award in any year to recognize either long time or outstanding members' achievements.