Robbie Burns

Race 2023

Robbie Burns 2023 is in-person and scheduled for

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Race Day

Sunday January 22nd 2023.

Start Time: 8:30 AM


Burlington Performing Arts Centre

440 Locust Street, Burlington, ON, L7S 1T7

Robbie Burns 2023

To November 13, 2022 - $55.00

November 14, 2022 to January 14, 2023 - $65.00

January 15-22, 2023 - $75.00

As a part of the Burlington Runners Club race series, the Robbie Burns Run has contributed a portion of the race revenue to enhance our community and assist the less fortunate. We are staunch supporters of FAB (see below for FAB info) which uses running as a goal setting and learning tool for young women.

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In Support Of FAB (Fit Active Beautiful Foundation)

The Fit Active Beautiful Foundation is affectionately known as FAB. The FAB program participants are affectionately knows as FAB Girls. The inspiration to create FAB came from a desire to end the poverty cycle among youth girls.

Our passion: helping young girls become strong women
Our focus: reaching young girls in Hamilton’s low-income communities
Our goal: to inspire young girls to dream big and live big
Our strategy: to build young girls’ goal-setting skills and self-confidence
Our vehicles: FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program and FAB Girls Empowerment Program

FAB aims to eliminate barriers by providing youth girls in grades six through twelve with the goal-setting and leadership skills necessary to lead an empowered life, ultimately returning as a FAB coach to positively influence future generations.

For more information, check them out at

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